Biblical view of validating feelings

" or 'What is the role of music in such healing processes? This article is a result of a guided investigation carried out in order to answer these questions.

The primary sources for data collection were literature reviews, informal interviews, observations and recordings.

The impression created during interviews and observations was that Pedi traditional healers perform malopo songs to communicate with the ancestors.Pastoral care often involves nurturing and caring for the weak within the body.Typically, nurturing pastors prefer a one-on-one ministry.Whilst some commentators have focused on the theory and philosophy of theory in ethnomusicology, Ashenafi Kebede (19), in his discussion of music in North Africa, argues that: Traditional music is ordinarily performed by the common people, not by the professionally trained [literary] musicians; its repertory consists of material that has been passed down through the generations by means of oral tradition, by word of mouth.Music experts often donate to the training of community members who wish to become masters on certain instruments and who play principal musical roles in ensembles.

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