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I have found out that people don't even know what colon hydrotherapy is. I am living a good life now but my life has changed for ever. I hope to talk to you soon about using coffee enemas and a few other things. DJI am very happy to report that it only took three days shipping to receive the products that I ordered from the Optimal Health Network. I think your book will be a good start and I've scheduled a colonic session in May, after I return from a two-week trip. The last one did not reach far enough, was very uncomfortable, and the prep was violent and not totally effective.

After all my treatments and surgery, I was left with fecal incontinence.The 2.5-quart bag really gets the job done in a hurry. Using your techniques the large enemas were surprisingly comfortable, and the water was easily released.The "clean and clear" objective had been accomplished.These may have slipped by if the prep wasn't supplemented with the enemas.Modern health care favors laxatives - but it took enemas to do the job right.

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