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To date you are more than 200.000 to have donwloaded and played our Mod on Steam.

It's amazing, again Thank you very much all for your Support! To Celebrate this Anniversary, we just have released the Open Beta 0.5 of ! As always, with or without Paid DLC, your gaming experience on The Great War will be very similar.

Next thing is when Russia is conquered there are events from Brest-Litovsk Treaty when bolsheviks are giving land to Germany and others.

When there are event for give back Besserabia to Romania nothing will happen.

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Another idea for the Brest-Litovsk treaty: The event could include a choice for Germany to release Poland as a puppet: IRL, the Germans didn't recognize any Polish claim in the treaty, which was later used as an argument to justify the Treaty of Versailles' harsh demands.Next thing Soviet focus tree support bolsheviks, establish Cheka, The Red Terror, Set up the GULAG, Workers paradise are useless.MOst of them will drain you national unity by 10% but i already have 10% so that is not much fair, i have Recover country focus which will drain 100% of it.It would be great if you guys could give us opition to have peace treaty as it is normaly in game. However he was persuaded by his friend, Bulwer-Lytton, to change the ending to a happier one.

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