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The following are the different people involved in making an LPA.

An Attorney is the person(s) you choose and appoint, using an LPA form, to make decisions on your behalf about either your health and welfare or property and financial affairs or both.

For example you may have an existing EPA that makes provision for decisions about your property and affairs, and decide to make a Personal Welfare LPA to run alongside that, to provide for decisions concerning your healthcare and welfare.

An LPA is a legal document that you (the Donor) make using a special form.

The certificate provider is another important safeguard.

If you lose your mental capacity and haven't arranged for anyone to act for you, your assets will in effect be frozen.

This could double or treble the cost." At present, you can set up an ordinary power of attorney at any time - if, say, you are spending a long spell abroad.

But you would register it as an EPA only when, or if, you felt you could no longer control all your affairs yourself.

Your family will then have to make an application to the Court of Protection (which holds your funds in the meantime) to be appointed as receivers to handle your affairs - often a lengthy and costly procedure.

A far better option is to choose a friend, relative or professional as an attorney.

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