Non muslim dating a muslim man

Often the question is posed about the rules for Muslims in marrying non-Muslims.

Many scholars have been advocating rules that are in direct violation to God's clear law in the Quran.

We were shocked by how divisive and underhanded some Muslim clerics were.

Ultimately, we found a Muslim cleric who saw things the way we did.

These invite to the fire while God invites to Paradise and forgiveness, with His permission, and He clarifies His revelations for the people so that they may remember.

is used consistently in the Quran to mean the act of setting up partner/s with God in any of God's exclusive rights.

Heather al-Yousef, a counsellor with Relate who married a Shia Muslim man, was one of those asked by the Christian Muslim Forum to give advice for the guidelines."There are, of course, a whole range of Muslims and Christians.Some groups are liberal about mixed marriages, others much more proprietorial.The good news is that Christians and Muslims are increasingly recognising the need to talk about these things.They explain this male biased innovation by a number of un-Quranic justifications.Some say that this privilege is given to the man because the child takes the religion of his father and not his mother, and thus a Muslim man may marry a non Muslim woman but still have the child raised as a Muslim, while as if a Muslim woman married a Christian man for example, the child would be raised as a Christian. Do not (you men) marry the mushrikaat (women who commit shirk) until they believe; a believing slave woman is better than a mushrikah even if you like her, and do not (you women) marry the mushrikeen until they believe; a believing slave man is better than a mushrik even if you like him.

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