Outlook asks for password when updating address book carbon dating dinosaur bones wiki

I’m sorry but I can’t take seriously an email client that doesn’t value or prioritize the security of my email. The client supports PGP, S/MIME, Crypo API, SSLv3, TSL, ASLR, DEP and a bunch more of fancy security acronyms.

At the same time I decided to finally get rid of gmail.

It’s a fantastic application and it spoiled me to the point that leaving it has become almost impossible.

So here starts my hunt for the perfect desktop mail client.

It seems that all efforts nowadays are spent on mobile. Am I just a retro-junkie, a dinosaur that will have to adapt or extinguish? First of all let me say that it’s kinda sad that your privacy is always the last thing companies care about. I’m happy to see that they finally encrypted the data!

It is not clear what data they send to themselves, but I’m pretty sure they are still collecting your email address, name and user session (so they can track your habits).

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