Who is justin bobby brescia dating now

Example: Did you know that Justin Bobby was Maroon 5's official hairdresser before his time on The Hills?

Let me repeat that: Justin Bobby used to do Adam Levine's hair. According to the Maroon 5 frontman, Justin Bobby was a "sculptor" of hair, which makes sense, because have you seen his own hair?

Unlike his co-stars, being in the spotlight was something Brescia avoided. As Brescia stepped up to the microphone to start the show, I could see a hint of eyeliner and chipped black nail polish. Although Brescia’s tresses looked long in comparison to Dariani’s shaved head, his hair was much shorter than it was back in his heyday.

But overall, Brescia’s look hasn’t changed much in five years.

And then there's his music career — Justin has been hitting the road with his band, Bobby Rock.

As I waited in the muggy backroom of Pianos, a bar on the Lower East Side of New York, my thoughts drifted between wondering if I would recognize him and wondering if all venues below a certain size are required to have terrible ventilation.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt have continued to be reality TV’s most hated couple and are clearly loving every minute of it.

The last Facebook post was from July 2013, so there's no news on whether the salon closed or just stopped posting.

While you might not be able to head over to Costa Mesa to find out, you can get the JB hair experience by purchasing some of his styling products.

Justin 'Bobby' Brescia is best known for his role as the biker bad-boy -- and Audrina Patridge's on and off love interest -- in the long running MTV reality show 'The Hills.' Guess what he looks like now!

Is there a more perfect guilty pleasure than watching reruns of The Hills? I am, of course, talking about Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia.

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